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More Fun Than a Roundtable of Serials Catalogers

Curious as to who your compatriots are in the biblioblogosphere? Meredith Farkas, progenitor of Information Wants to Be Free surveyed librarians in the summer of 2005 about blogging is now doing another survey. Do your part to create another fascinating facet to our fifteen minutes of hipsterdom fame!

Think you’re confused about copyright? Try being Penguin Putnam.

Wanna get an idea of why I sigh every time someone goes out of their way to tell me … Read the rest

SO Evilness Redux

Some of you long-time readers (i.e., those of you who are trying everything in your power not to answer those annoying IM reference questions flitting across your desktop) may wonder just how I learn about the hip-hop hits.

It’s easy: from my husband. Yes, my husband is still an evil man.

In fact, he’s responsible for every annoying characteristic I have. My penchant for obscene invectives whenever a pea slips onto the kitchen floor? My husband’s fault. The … Read the rest

“The Expert”: That Reference Question Sounded Like Orange

Walt Crawford wins the Scooby-Doo Arooo award for correctly guessing the kooky premise used to pitch The Expert to USA Network execs. What’s next? Hottie catalogers who love Smarties and uniform title fields too much?

And don’t even think about stealing the cataloger idea: It’s already in development with HBO as the out-of-the-box successor to Deadwood.

What I’m Listening To Dept: “Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors” by The EditorsRead the rest

This Just In

Further evidence of our professional pop culture currency: USA Networks latest project is The Expert, about a librarian who helps police solve crimes via her ability to “mix her senses“.

I have no idea what that means, but if you do, feel free to fill me in.… Read the rest

Check It Out Now: Funk, Soul, Shushing

I said I’d write about why my husband is responsible for every bad thing that’s happened to me , but let’s face it: I lied.

Well, not lied, just deferring to my inevitable urge to weigh in on the New York Times/Hip Shusters article. My first comment? Everyone: STOP SENDING ME THE FREAKIN’ LINK!… Read the rest