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Monday LibraryLand Roundup

Blockbuster We Ain’t Dept: I do think there’s much more going with the librarians at Sacramento Public Library than just being angry about the purchase of thirty copies of Jackass 2. I get the feeling there’s been a lot of resentment about several issues that have been simmering for some time. I would love to hear from folks at SPL for their side(s).

I’ve confessed to using some odd items for bookmarks but this is ridiculous.

Ever wonder … Read the rest

Visionary for Hire

Looking for a resident genius? Someone who’ll push the envelope in your organization? Have I got a librarian for you! Walt Crawford, library visionary extraordinaire, is leaving RLG due to its transition into OCLC. But their loss can be your gain: Walt is now free to explore new possibilities, including working for/with/over you.

So what is Walt good at? If you even flipped through a library journal over the past few decades you already have an idea, but why … Read the rest

Asking, Asking, Asking….

After a three-month hiatus, I’m back with…..The Alternative Universe Questionnaire! Not only is it back, it’s a double-header:

Question #5: What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done to a book?

That’s easy: drop it the bathtub, something I do on a semi-regular basis. Along with magazines, newspapers, voting ballots, and the occasional knitting project (yes, I’ve actually tried knitting in the tub, which is why I have a preponderance of felted items).

You’d think I’d … Read the rest

Thursday’s Child

Has Darth Libris stumbled upon the first sign of the the Apocalypse?

What Would Xzibit Do? If the librarians at Racine Public Library had asked Garrison Keillor to be their contest judge, then maybe some folks wouldn’t get all worked up.

Think life as a librarian for the New Yorker is stodgy? Think again.

When it comes to sex, some librarians are just talk.

Does the job description for McMaster University’s newest librarian include MC’ing a … Read the rest

Do Nice Librarians Finish Last?

I have a confession to make. I rarely read librarian blogs.

Maybe I should mitigate that last sentence by stating I rarely read anyone’s blogs. Call me lazy, but at least I’m catholic about what I avoid.

But I did get around to reading Steven J. Bell’s comments about us librarians being too nice for our own good–or even for our own survival. M. Bell argues our need to be pleasant and helpful could quite possibly be the death … Read the rest