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Wheel of Job Security

Need to plump up your resume or CV but out of ideas on what nifty library topics to write about? Feel like all the good ideas have been written to death? DaveyP of “Self-plagiarism is style” has the answer for you! Introducing the Library 2.0 Idea Generator: just plop that code into your blog/wiki/myspace whatever and keep pounding the refresh key until it comes up with your fast track to tenuredom.

The Lone Shocker of This Year’s Read the rest

Of Kitties, Pies and Handsome Boys

Does this happen to you two minutes before the end of your evening shift at the ref desk?

Think I’m the only librarian who’s lost a few pounds? Check out librarychick’s amazing progress.

Hey–if the Web 2.0 thing doesn’t get them beyond the security gates, maybe this will.

Am I the only librarian out in the internet ether tired of seeing the word “scrotum”?

What I’m Listening To: “The World’s Gone Mad” By Handsome Boy Modeling Read the rest

Gen Y Agonistes

In our never-ending search for professional relevancy among the Red Bull-drinking, espresso-steaming, dude-this-graphic-novel-is-awsome set, we’ve undertaken countless studies and presentations on what makes the MTV Generation tick. But why go through these machinations when the answer is literally shelving right next to us in an artfully tattered sweater?… Read the rest

It’s All About the Commas

Think your love life is complicated?

A very happy Valentine’s Day to everyone in LibraryLand!… Read the rest

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Not Me

I started reading bits when Mom was asleep or when other family members were around to help. I went from reading a few pages to staying up until 3:00 or 4:00 every morning, grudgingly setting it aside when I realized I needed to be up in a few hours to meet the hospice nurse.

What was it about Mrs. Dalloway that was so riveting? Was it my being caught in a stream of moments, when the past, present and future … Read the rest