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What Not to Eat

I alluded to it last summer, but I’m making it public: I’ve lost a few pounds. And this time it’s been…interesting.

I say “this time” since this is not the first time I’ve lost weight. In fact, this makes the fourth time in my life I’ve lost a significant amount of body fat, but this time I’ve noticed something unusual:… Read the rest

Book Hate

Now that the holidays are over, time to get back on track:

Question #3: What do you hate about books?

I have a surprisingly serious answer for what started out as a flippant question:

I hate the idea of the book as an icon, good or bad.

You know what I mean. The book is a symbol of education and class, more so than money since money can only give the appearance of acculturation. This should be a good thing … Read the rest

5 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Hard to believe, I know.

Like the last bubble light to percolate on last year’s Christmas tree, it took some time for me to catch on to this little tagging exercise. So without further ado:

Read the rest