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Le Lipstick Librarian Mystérieux

I and my partners in crime had a presentation proposal to ACRL accepted recently. “Congratulations!” the e-mail read. I was thrilled until I came across one of their requirements.

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Don’t Cha!–The Final Refrain

The Day and Night tête-à-tête continues:

  • 5:38pm: Just got off the phone with Leslie. She gushed over my idea of opening restylane and juice spas as revenue generators. She wants to place them next to the chick lit section; I caution her against being too enthusiastic. We don’t want headlines screaming about librarians injecting yo-la-mango smoothies into unwitting patrons’ frown lines….
  • 7:30pm: Jessica dropped by fuming. I was just about to console her over the awkward juxtaposition of
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