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Freaky Keyword Fiesta–The *Corrected* Resurrection

The go-to place when you’re fresh out of bon mots:

  • slutty sayings
  • freaky sayings

Unexpected variations of a familiar theme: “lipstick is my crack”

The plain ol’ unexplainable:

  • dormitory hijinks
  • cupcakes
  • dirty flight attendant
  • how to look Japanese
  • 320 pound woman hoax
  • citizens united for a decent internet
  • collection development blog
  • cubicle makeovers

And finally: “funny blog”

What I’m Listening To: Crazy As She Goes The Gnarls Barkley/Raconteurs mashup by The Legion of Doom. I have … Read the rest

Freaky Keyword Fiesta–The Resurrection

It’s back! Like death, taxes and speculation over the existence of Suri Cruise, one can never escape…Freaky Keyword Fiesta!

The Granny Suite–Collect Them All! A perennial favorite, though by me pointing this out yet again, I am driving these pesky little search phrases even higher on the list. That being said, there is a certain irresistible panache to the phrase “saucy grannies”, as anyone who attends Weight Watchers meetings on a regular basis will tell you.

  • erotic
Read the rest

It’s A Man’s World-The Final Chorus

The semi-serious thoughts about men as our professional prognosticators? Simple: acculturation. Like just about everything in our lives, we’ve fallen into the Old Habits: women as multitaskers, doing the less-than-glamourous jobs like, oh, let’s see, making sure the institutional lights are on, worrying if there’s going to be enough money to be around the next fiscal year, things like that. Men do worry/deal with these issues, of course, but for some reason they don’t seem to be … Read the rest

A Favor, Por Favor

I’ve made you laugh. I’ve made you cry. Mostly I’ve made you groan, but that doesn’t mean you can’t share your love by indulging me just this one time.

I’m looking for your comments about how the Lipstick Librarian web site or blog influenced you professionally or personally. Have you ever used the LL site/concept for training/recruitment purposes? Were you inspired to create your own web site, blog, or online resource because of the LL? Did you use … Read the rest

It’s A Man’s World

There’s been some buzz on the librarian blog circuit (you know who you are) on second-most perennial controversy in librarianship: gender. Namely, the gender with the XY-chromosome hookup.

Or as a friend of mine in library school summed it up: “There are three kinds of men in librarianship: studs, duds and gays.”… Read the rest