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Kathy Griffin Has Nothing Over Me

In the past few months there’s been a preoccupation in LibraryBlogLand over the popularity of librarian blogs. Some of this is no doubt driven by the PubSub Librarian List. But the real genesis of our preoccupation? Why, none other than M. Crawford’s seminal LBR (librarian blog ranking) article Investigating the Biblioblogosphere in last September’s Cites & Insights.

Before I begin, I want to establish one thing: I think Walt has done us a great service by his relentless … Read the rest

You Don’t Look Japanese/Swedish/Chinese/Polish/Indonesian/Irish!

Ten years ago I created a now-defunct website called You Don’t Look Japanese!. (Actually it’s still up; if you want to look at it, you’re going to have to find it yourself.) Dedicated to all things biracial and mixed-race, one of the people who got in touch with me was Kip Fullbeck, a hapa performance artist. Now Kip’s come out with a new book: Part Asian • 100% Hapa, featuring 116 portraits of hapa folks, who … Read the rest