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I ♥ Libraries

A few Valentine’s Day observations:

Leah Garchik of lists some Valentine’s Day missives from the post-millennium world.

This year’s new words for Necco’s Sweethearts® candies include a conjunction and a stop word. Think they’re wising up to the lucrative Boolean searching market?

Blake Carver at reports Michael Gorman will be retiring next year. Despite the latest controversy, I’ll not only miss the dapper figure he cut at ALA, I’ll also miss the fact he’s … Read the rest

My Library Romance

So what’s Library Adolescence? Like gay adolescence, it’s that period in a librarian’s life whereby everything (and everyone) has something to do with your incipient career. Can’t find any clean clothes in your closet? It’s because you’re too fixated upon digital preservation issues to run out and buy Tide. Your boyfriend moved out with your cats weeks ago and you’ve only just noticed? Blame it on your endless tirades about Michael Gorman and the Cuban librarians speech at … Read the rest

The Roundtable’s Over…

Some of you may have noticed that I’m not quite up on the posting thing as I used to be (“used to be” being sometime around mid-2004), especially when it comes to All Things Library. After dwelling on the hows and whys of my writers block at 3:00 am, or during interminable committee meetings (particularly those without free scones), I’ve come to an inevitable conclusion:

I’m over my librarian adolescence.… Read the rest