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Is My Life Still That Interesting? — The Series!

Want more of my so-called life? Here goes:

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Is My Life Still That Interesting?

Still think the life of the LL is all glamour and access services? Check out the latest installment:

  • 10:00 am: Woke up to a call from Angelina on my BlackBerry. Seems the poor thing wants to adopt yet another starving-yet-winsome orphan from a vaguely disaster-prone country but can’t tell which has the lowest income per capita. I remind her that she could easily look it up in the World Bank’s World Development Indicators. She thanks me profusely while
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What is the Sound of a Laughing Librarian?

Despite my patently glamourous lifestyle, I’m certain it’s a shock to everyone out there to learn that I harbor a few regrets in my life. Sure, you folks think being a Lipstick Librarian is all Michael Kors at Fall Fashion Week and federated searching, but after the second glass of freebie wine at a Dynix reception, dark thoughts cross my mind, thoughts such as… Read the rest