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Driving Ms. Schneider

Our ever-so-winsome Karen Schneider has not only heeded my plea, she’s foolishly decided to support my efforts to degrade myself for Katrina donations. If I make $400 in proceeds, Karen says she’ll do something equally embarrassing, though it sounds like she hasn’t quite made up her mind on what that something will be. So let’s press the issue and put Karen on the spot.

Does the Moose Need Interlibrary Loan Too? My friend and co-worker Judy AndrewsRead the rest

Make Me Into Nancy Pearl

You heard me right: if I get $200 or more in proceeds from my store for September and October, not only will I donate the funds to the Red Cross for the Hurricane Katrina disaster, I will for Halloween don the blue suit and pearls that defines one of the hottest action figures on the market today: Nancy Pearl. Proof will be posted on my blog in November.

So–can’t decide between the LL infant creeper or the holiday Read the rest

My Prerogative

In my haste to confess my faux-bad tendencies, I forgot to give The Federlines a tip of my Von Dutch trucker cap for their new arrival. Let’s all welcome Sean Preston Federline as the newest fodder to our celeb-obsessed media! I also want to give props for BritFed‘s restraint on the name choice: my money was on Sean Diddy Zima Pall-Mall Jay-Z Toxic Kiwi Fo’shizzle Bumper-Pool Federline.

Embarrassing Gesture of the Month: So far I’ve collected $51 in cafepress.comRead the rest

These Saddle Shoes Were Made for Walkin’

Just how inept were my attempts at bad-girlness? Let’s start at the beginning…..

Four-Years Old, Upper Heyford AFB, UK: Fixate on saddle shoes, believing that they, along with a pink-and-white ski sweater seductively spotlighted in the Sears Catalog, and a candy cigarette will make me as alluring as the Sindy Doll endlessly advertised between episodes of Dr. Who and Danger Man. Finally receive the shoes for my birthday, but am disappointed with the fact that … Read the rest

Future Librarians Just Want to Have Fun

This year I celebrated Labor Day in a traditional, uniquely American way:

I went to the emergency room.

I truly wish I could say I injured myself roaring down the Willamette, standing on the seat of my personal watercraft while sucking on a Mike’s Hard Lemonade, but like most things in life, the truth isn’t quite as exciting or as sexy as I’d like it to be.

I got a metal splinter under my fingernail while cleaning … Read the rest