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MTV recently announced a new show in its summer lineup: The 70s House. The oh-so-tantalizing soundbyte for the series reads

We take 12 modern kids and force them to live as though it were the 1970s. No cell phones, no iPods, no Britney! Only rotary phones, 8 tracks and Farrah. Will they be able to survive the groovy life?

So I’m guessing my teenage years were only a technological innovation or two away from the hunting-gathering age?… Read the rest

A Light in the Information Forest?

I’m finally back from SLA. After spending long, long days in committee meetings, inter-committee meetings, cross-unit meetings and just about every other kind of meeting any configuration of librarians can come up with, something occurred to me:

Where is the true library visionary?… Read the rest

Channeling Danny Torrance

Still at SLA in Toronto. Just some quick observations:

  • For those of you staying at the Fairmont Royal York: is it just me or is the hotel akin to staying at the Overlook? I keep waiting for the twins to appear down the hallway as I wind my way to the elevators.
  • Isn’t Toronto supposed to be cold??
  • I’m lovin’ The Path, especially in this weather. I don’t know why, but a self-contained, subterranean world
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Where’s the Back Bacon?

Due to a series of improbable events (actually, considering the fact that I have a real hard time saying no to those in desperate need of committee members, it’s not all that improbable), I find myself sitting in a semi-posh hotel in Toronto, Canada, watching librarians carrying way too many copies of their presentation handhouts sneak peeks inside the hotel’s library bar. Like death, taxes and overly-detailed news about Britney’s love life, it’s once again time for … Read the rest