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Why You Should Fall to You Knees and Worship Blake Carver

Why, you ask? Because if there were no Blake Carver, we would only have American Libraries Online to turn to for our library news. You see, not only does Blake run my hosting service, LISHost, he’s also the paterfamilias for, a…… Read the rest

That’s Entertainment!

Long ago in a blog entry far. far away, I said I’d talk about the films that made a big impression on me during my winsome, Ditto-bejeaned teenage years. I’m coughing up–finally. I’ll try to keep out the ones that my adolescent heart go pitter-pat, not because it’s too predictable, but it’s just plain embarrassing (Gene Barry? David Wayne? Joseph Cotten??). So here goes:… Read the rest

You Are Killing Me

Let’s face it; you people are making me sick. Literally. Not only have I been struggling to get over the flu since my last posting, as soon as I’m finally back amongst the living for two whole days, what happens? I come down with a bad cold.

So why is it your fault? Because I’m pretty darned sure I got both these illnesses whilst performing library-related duties. Or just plain hanging out with librarians. I’ll give the … Read the rest