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Comfort Me With Spam

Nigel Slater recently made a literary splash this year with the release of Toast, the story of his childhood as told through memories of food. Like Ruth Reichl, Slater defines his growing up years via primal food mileposts as rice pudding and canned ham. It seems that every few years someone comes out with a best-seller detailing how a side of creamed spinach set off a harrowing descent into adolescent angst. So why should I be different? … Read the rest

Y’all Are Brutalizing Me!

Last week I was having what I thought was a pleasant e-mail interaction with another librarian about a posting I left on a local listserv. We were bonding quite nicely (what library schools we went to, etc.) until she gave into temptation: “I have to correct you….”

Bonding over.… Read the rest

Curb Enthusiasm for Guy Gilligan

My longest and bestest friend, John (“Guy”) Gilligan, will be the featured designer on HGTV‘s Curb Appeal this weekend. This is more than a shameless plug for Guy; for me it’s vindication of Guy’s talent of turning mundane items into objects d’bad-ass art.

Guy and I have been friends since ninth grade, from the days when hot pants and mimeograph machines ruled the earth, or at least my high school. We met in first-year German, of all places. … Read the rest