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Size Does Matter

I know, I know–I haven’t posted in three weeks. But I have a darned good reason why: it’s because my husband bought a 12-inch powerbook AND an i-Pod and has been online every frickin’ night since downloading CD track titles from iTunes.… Read the rest

To The Sixties, With Love

Last night I watched one of the two movies I think exemplify the elan of the sixties: How to Steal a Million.. That movie, along with Two for the Road, capture the pop-art breeziness that is the true soul of the sixties, before hippieness and flower power settled heavily (and some would argue, groovily) over the land. The key to this Carnaby-Street cornucopia?… Read the rest

Only One Coat Needed, My ^&#!

I’m not posting–why? Because I’m painting right now. Not the introspective burst-of-brillance-then-delusional-self-mutilation mode of self-expression, but the Calla-Lilly-and-Crab-Apple-in-eggshell-please, run-to-Home-Depot-fifteen-times-in-one-day, god-help-me-I-swear-I’ll-never-do-this-ever-again kind of painting. It’s not making me a very happy person. And if anyone invents a paint roller that completely rinses out in a minute, I will bear their children, be they male or female.

I’m also not happy because I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that Laura Branigan, … Read the rest