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Who Gives a Blog?

Okay; I’ll admit it–I’ve got blogger’s block. Why? Maybe it’s because for the past few weeks it’s been hotter than the underside of an overfed chihuahua in an argyle sweater. Or maybe because a few weeks ago I joined the upper ranks of the fortysomethings. Or, like most things involving writing, what for me started out as a lark has now turned into a….chore. The death knell was yesterday when I realized that spending an hour watering … Read the rest

Sweatin’ to the Presentations!

Just as I promised, my take on the humidity hell that was ALA:

Presentations: I tried to go to as many as possible, but since they were spread out over several hotels plus the fact it was so freakin’ hot, I wound up limiting my choices to ones presented in the Convention Center (which, by the way, had tons of empty conference rooms throughout the entire conference). Woe betide those who had to travel from one hotel to another; … Read the rest

Cranky is as Cranky Does

I’m finally back from Orlando and guess what? I’m still cranky. Why? Because during ALA, someone approached me and proudly announced she just bought a Lipstick Librarian shirt at the conference.

There was only one problem: I wasn’t selling any LL shirts at the conference.… Read the rest