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Phrase of the Millennium?

Due to popular demand, I’m introducing a new vision to the LL couture: the I’m a librarian, bitch! line of fabulous t-shirtwear (and kitchenware). Visit my store for the details. I also have some variations to the LL thing that I’m experimenting with, so please be gentle…

I’ll be makin’ more items as fast as I can. In the meantime, please to enjoy a conference presentation title I forgot to add to my last blog entry:

  • “Of course you’ll
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Last week was an early beginning to a season I love and dread: library conferences. Like death, taxes and Christina Aguirela’s latest body piercing, from now until September we librarians face the gauntlet of flat coffee, novel-sized Powerpoint handouts and ugly tussles over vendor freebies.… Read the rest

A Wrinkle in Madeleine – The Conclusion

So what about the New Yorker article was so distressing? It portrayed L’Engle in a way I desperately didn’t want her to be: human. Raised by parents who were more concerned about each other rather than their children, Madeleine grew up to be a less-than-giving adult, using the experiences of people around her (especially her children) as fodder for her work, hurting them immensely. To top it off, the article states she sugar-coated her life, preferring to downplay the less-than-pleasant … Read the rest

A Wrinkle in Madeleine

While flipping through the latest issue of the New Yorker for the latest cartoons, I was stunned to see a profile on Madeleine L’Engle.

Madeleine L’Engle. Just like a lot of you, she saved my life. She’s also one of the biggest reasons I became a librarian. But after reading the article, I was stunned for a different reason: I wished I’d never read the damn thing.… Read the rest

My Dinner With Detective Dietrich

Cintra Wilson recently launched a series on what calls “entertainment’s underappreciated greats”. Judging the series so far, the criteria for underappreciated greatness seems to be an inexplicable erotic attraction to the subject as well as a compulsion to spew adjectives as if she were the spawn of Chuck Palahniuk and a riot grrl with Tourette’s Syndrome.

But if Cintra can do it, so can I.

So who is my inexplicable erotic attraction?… Read the rest