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I’m a Super Freak (The Conclusion)

Why was it sooo important my sis and her friends shared the same tastes in music? Because just as soon as my sister started her freshman year, she bought just about every frickin’ album her new-found friends had: Ohio Players, Kool and the Gang, Stevie Wonder, Average White Band, and of course, Rufus featuring the OG funk diva herself, Chaka Khan. So while I out in the living room trying to discern the subtleties buried … Read the rest

I’m A Super Freak

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time (all three of you), you may have noticed my constant references to hip-hop and soul. How does a fortysomething, Amerasian librarian come to love such things?

It’s very simple: it’s my sister’s fault.… Read the rest

What Not to Ask

PUBLIB is running a thread on why people are reluctant to ask for help in a library. Several posters state it’s a no-no to use the h-word when asking patrons if they need assistance. I had no idea that the simple act of asking someone if they need help sends certain individuals screaming into the stacks without a even an ISBN number.… Read the rest

The Voluptuous Horror of Nancy Pearl

Okay folks; it’s that time again–time to highlight‘s best of librarian trolls!… Read the rest