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The Gods Must be Huffy

Looks like the library conference gods bestowed upon me retribution for my less-than-flattering comments by making me sicker than Ben Affleck after an all-week bender at a strip club. Right after strapping into my seat for take-off from Albuquerque, I noticed a ever-so-slight tickle in the back of my throat. By the time I hit Portland, my throat was so raw, not even my favorite pho couldn’t assuage the pain. I have no idea how I got this–maybe … Read the rest

What Not to Act

Well, I’ve just returned from the SLA Leadership Summit and I only have this to say:

People–we have got to learn how to do the conversation thing.

I mean, really–are we that incapable of making small talk that doesn’t involve the L word? For the past three days, I don’t think I had a single conversation that didn’t center around what we do. I know it’s a librarian conference and all, but heaven help us, I’m sure even … Read the rest

What the Hell Are they Teaching??

Well, I’m off to Albuquerque tomorrow for the 2004 SLA Leadership Summit to learn me some leadership skills. I’ll be back on Saturday ready to conquer the rough-and-tumble world of librarianship. In the meantime, please enjoy the following missive I received today:

hello i would like to know so important facts about
lipstick like what it is made of and other importatn
thing i am doing a science project and i would like to
know. thank
Read the rest

You Will Know Me by the Trail of Reserve Slips

As some of you may know, I’ve gained some notoriety by poking fun at the librarian stereotype. And many of you have asked me why the devil did I create the site. I have my serious, pre-pub answer (“in the mind of the patron, the stereotype of the librarian as gate-keeper impedes access to services”…yada,yada,yada.); my flippant answer (“I went to my first ALA conference in 1992 and realized to my horror that we do look like … Read the rest

Semi-Interesting Librarian Factoids

Wendy Rosenow of Shawano, Wisconsin is a runner-up in the World Champion Liar Contest. Her entry? Wendy fibbed that everyone was so curious about when winter would arrive that even the geese were flying in question mark formations.

One of the first members of the Manson Family was Mary Brunner, a librarian at UC Berkeley (though I suspect she was a library assistant or clerk, judging from her bio).

Apparently the most common Myer-Briggs personality type in librarianship … Read the rest