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Salary Commensurate with Mind-Reading Abilities

Because of my pesky need to eat in 2004, I’ve been searching for librarian jobs off and on the last few months. Since my last position was as a corporate librarian, I forgot what’s involved when applying for academic or public librarian positions, namely answering those dreaded supplemental questions. Like death, taxes, and the latest on Bennifer, it’s impossible to apply for any sort of professional (and even semi-professional) librarian jobs without baring your soul on scintillating topics … Read the rest

Faking It

Are you a teensy-bit interested in trying another career for a month? TLC‘s Faking It is looking for adventuresome librarians to try another career for one month. Interested? E-mail me!

John Belushi, What Hath You Wrought? Dept: This weekend I managed to watch Animal House: Double Secret Probation Edition and School of Rock. I’m struck by the enourmous impact John Belushi has had on comedy. Though Jack Black is truly an original comic actor, much of … Read the rest

Blog Day Afternoon

Yeah–I know I haven’t been posting much lately, but it’s kinda hard when I’m going to bed at 9:00pm every night. That and the fact that I’m making the endless rounds of doctor, physical therapist and chiropractic appointments, it doesn’t leave me much time other than collapsing when I get home. I promise to make amends this weekend; in the meantime, please entertain yourselves by choosing one of the following and writing a response of no less than 500 words:… Read the rest

Guilty Pleasures of the Schadenfreude Kind (Librarian Edition)

Admit it: not all of us went into librarianship for solely altruistic reasons. While most of us have to fight the urge to pin a patron between a reference terminal and a chair to make sure you find that answer before they escape, a few of us do experience an ever-so-teensy pang of pleasure when something happens that proves that you are once again what we call in the business a smarty-pants:… Read the rest