Photo courtesy of Manchester City Library

Dating Advice for Smartypants

Photo courtesy of Manchester City Library

Photo courtesy of Manchester City Library

Think you have to like books to date a librarian?  Think again….



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Don't forget to bring you lead shield

Don’t forget to bring you lead shield


It’s going to be a scorcher!… Read the rest

A Special Guest Star Appearance....

A Special Guest Star Appearance….

Look for me and my library peeps at ALA Annual next week!  #alaac14

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What Happens in Sessions Stays in Sessions

Panicking over the thought of ALA Annual being a week away and the only thing you’ve decided are the shoes that won’t melt in the 100º+ Vegas heat?  Interested in more than the vendor-party cheese cubes you will be shoving into your complimentary tote bags? You may be just the kind of librarian these programs are looking for:

“Red Yarn Wedding”: Programming for the Disturbingly-Obsessed Fantasy Reader
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For Mature Librarians Only

Attention Mature Librarians!   If you’re over 55 and able to straighten your crabbed fingers, please fill out our survey.  It should take no longer than ten minutes, not including the times you nod off during the session:


1. How long have you worked as a librarian?

  • Since the Beatles broke up.
  • Not sure, but still waiting for the doughboys to come back from the front.
  • Let’s see; does Paleolithic come before Neolithic?
  • Pick a  date that sounds old-timey
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